Impaktech Adjustable Subcage

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Impaktech Adjustable Subcage

Constructed from CNC Billet Aluminum in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Riverside CA.

. CNC Billet Aluminum construction

. Extremely durable, strength tested by Jason Britton: Professional Stunt Rider

. Composed of 12 Individual parts, we designed it this way so that in an event of a crash only the part that was greatly impacted will break off. We sell all parts individually which makes this Adjustable subcage rebuildable.

. Replaceable end puck that has the same grip designed as the peg, ensures you have maximum grip

. Many adjustments are possible to give you the best ergonomics for rear peg tricks.

. Install is EXTREMELY EASY, (10 Minutes)



Here are some Example Pictures of a 2021 ZX6R Adjustable Subcage 




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